Double Loop Games

We're a new mobile studio dedicated to making delightful, relaxing experiences for the biggest audience in games: people who don't think of themselves as gamers.

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Who we are

We're a veteran, women-led mobile team from Kongregate, WB, Zynga & more


Learn more about Double Loop and our philosophy from our blog and conference talks.


We believe that the best games are made with love, enthusiasm, and respect for the audience. And the best games, properly supported, are enduring hobbies that connect us to each other.

We are working on a mobile-first title currently in soft launch. Check back for more information and announcements in the coming months.


To make games with longevity, you need teams that are sustainable. We're building an environment that's transparent, respectful, and family-friendly. Our founders are in San Francisco, but we'll hire anywhere with reasonable time zone overlap. Diverse candidates encouraged. Kindness expected.

Current Openings

We currently have no positions available, but please continue to keep an eye out on the Jobs section of this website for new opportunities. If you're interested, please email with your resume and we will contact you as we open an appropriate position.